A comprehensive list of free Netflix alternatives

free Netflix alternatives

We compiled a variety of free Netflix alternatives that you can use to watch unlimited TV shows and movies. That too without VPN access and with content both in English and Spanish.

Netflix is the gold standard for paid streaming. Despite its pricing, it has the most Prime Video, Disney +, or HBO Max customers in Spain. We all know it’s not unique. Everybody has two or three video-on-demand platforms. Free Netflix alternatives exist. With promotion, yes.

If we grumbled a few years ago that “they didn’t broadcast anything decent on TV,” you have no excuse to watch a movie, series, documentary, or other entertainment, paying or not. Over-the-top (OTT) and VOD services are booming. To combat with them, we offer AVOD sites that let you view movies and episodes without registering or paying. Free.

A year ago, we organized the many platforms that offer free alternatives to Netflix on computers, mobile devices, and smart TVs. An app. Who needs DTT when you can view free entertainment on demand by connecting your TV to the Internet? Let’s explore what free Netflix alternatives we have now. VPN or proxies aren’t needed.

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Free TV is available in three ways. Directly through a TV antenna, pay TV (Movistar+, Orange TV, Vodafone TV, Agile TV), or media group apps. Instead than tuning into a station, you open its app and pick between live and on-demand programming.

Spanish open channel applications include:

RTVEPlay It includes linear RTVE material (La 1, La 2, Teledeporte, Clan, etc.) along with series, movies, short films, and documentaries. Excluding content.

Mitele. It belongs to Mediaset. Although it’s known for its premium programming, it also broadcasts free stuff. Cuatro, Telecinco, Divinity, FDF, Energy, Be Mad, Boing.

Atresplayer. It belongs to Atresmedia. It mixes premium and free Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Nova, Mega, and A3Series content. Series, films, documentaries, soaps Both live and on demand.

Spain has three primary groupings of statewide channels, plus regional networks. Most have streaming services for channel content. Series, movies, etc. TV3 à la carte on smartphones, tablets, web, consoles, and smart TVs stands apart. EiTB has Basque and Spanish material with little availability. canalsurmore.com


This platform deserves recognition. It is available on the Web, Android (smartphone, tablet, TV), iPhone, and iPad. Tivify lets you watch TV channels live and on demand. More than 130 channels, including national, regional, and local. Foreign news is available.

If you have internet but poor antenna TV reception, Tivify can help. You may also watch last week’s series, movies, and shows. Paid adds AXN, TNT, TCM, Calle 13, and Syfy. In its free edition, it gathers and promotes free-to-air TV programs.

Pluto TV offers more free material than Netflix

Pluto TV is the best Netflix alternative. Owned by Paramount Global, it delivers linear FAST channels and on-demand content. It’s free and available on smartphones, iPads, the Web, and more. Its repertoire includes BBC, Paramount, MTV, Nickelodeon, etc. movies, series, documentaries, and children’s material.

Its diverse library and monthly updates make it stand out. Free. You may view classic TV shows and movies for free by watching ads. It’s a terrific option if you want to find old material or relive a movie or series from your adolescence.

Rakuten TV

After Pluto TV is Rakuten TV, a platform for renting and buying series and movies that has been banking on free content through topical FAST channels (music, travel, food, news, sports, etc.) and a collection of movies and series to watch anytime you want. FREE. Don’t worry if you don’t get DTT channels. Rakuten TV’s channels are boring.

Free material includes movies and documentaries. The portfolio includes classic and new works from all genres. Some of the movies are also on Prime Video, Netflix, and other themed channels. All platforms and certain smart TVs support it.

Plex TV

This is an app that lets you create your own Netflix and streams it to other devices. Plex expanded throughout time. You may watch internet TV from numerous sources. Mainly English, but increasing Spanish material.

Plex TV’s linear channels fascinate us. You may also search for movies, series, and documentaries. If Spanish or English with subtitles. It offers more than 250 free channels and 50,000 free movies from Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, MGM, and other production businesses.

eFilm lets library cardholders rent movie

eFilm combines movies, series, periodicals, and games. It’s available on desktops, cellphones, and tablets, offers more than 12,000 titles, and is free. You must register at a library.

The Ministry of Culture and Sport has partnered with eFilm. Registering at your primary library gives you free access to eFilm, an online video shop. He instead lends movies.


The platforms we’ve encountered are the most full, practical, and legal Netflix alternatives without leaving the couch. A typical advice has a downside. YouTube has music, movie trailers, TV shows, video games, unique material, etc.

Free movies are available. More than 1,500 movies and shows. They’re elusive. YouTube has them lawfully but doesn’t offer a section for them. It’s easy to find “illegally” uploaded programs and movies. All this plus YouTube movies.

Legalmente Gratis links to classic movies without copyright limitations. View, download, and share them. Some are stored on YouTube, some elsewhere. Internet Archive has vintage films, but they’re untidy.

English-language alternatives to Netflix


There are two additional platforms with FAST channels and free material with advertising. RlaxxTV the first one, another is Distro TV for German and American audience.

Both have thematic linear channels and on-demand programs. Most offer English content, although Latin American Spanish is appearing. Distro TV includes Asian material. Both platforms provide news, entertainment, movies, documentaries, music, and lifestyle channels. You may have fun by zapping.

Samsung and Huawei provide free Netflix alternatives

Samsung TV++Huawei Video

Free TV and mobile content. Samsung and Huawei consumers have unique platforms. Samsung TV Plus works on smartphones, tablets, and TVs. Huawei Video is available to customers.

Samsung TV Plus provides 50+ free channels. Some will be familiar if you already have Pluto TV. You can’t expect much at that money. It features varied linear channels and an always-available catalog. All content is in Spanish, Castilian, and Latin American Spanish.

Huawei Video focuses on mobile consumption, but it’s also available on the brand’s TVs. Live channels, movies, and documentaries are available. Its official page doesn’t specify the material available in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, South Africa, or Asia. It contains free material and a 48-hour video shop.

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French speakers or learners also have options


Chinese and French-focused platforms are accessible in Spain. Free movies and series can help you learn or practice these languages.

iQIYI content is mostly Asian, with many Chinese movies and shows. Reality shows and programs exist. Mainly Chinese with some English information. It contains Portuguese and Spanish subtitles.

TV5MONDEplus offers on-demand French shows, movies, documentaries, and reports. TV5Monde transmits via satellite and paid services including Movistar+ and Vodafone TV. Its free OTT portal offers Francophone material with or without subtitles. French, Canadian, and Belgian content. You can navigate the platform without knowing French.

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