Cloudflare has made its own SIM card to secure mobile devices


Cloudflare has a unique way to protect mobile devices: it has its own SIM card that is focused on security.

Cloudflare, a well-known company for security and content delivery networks (CDNs), released an electronic SIM card (eSIM) for businesses on Monday. And no, Cloudflare is not trying to compete with AT&T, Telefónica, Vodafone, or any other carrier. The company’s goal is different. It wants to improve the security of the mobile devices that its many North American clients use to do their work.

When it comes to security, the SIM card is often a weak link. They are the way for phishing attacks to get into SMS, they can be copied if the operator doesn’t take the right security steps, etc. In all of these cases, Cloudflare’s plan looks like it will be much stronger.

Three ways Cloudflare SIM boosts security

  • By giving your SIM users a Cloudflare SIM, you can protect them from malware and phishing sites. When you type a web address into the browser, the device looks at a DNS list to figure out which server to connect to to get the content for that URL. If you connect through a mobile network, your device will probably use the DNS provided by your carrier. This is where the Cloudflare SIM’s different value comes in. Since they, not a typical operator, are in charge of this DNS list, they can filter, control, and even block connections to stop people from getting to sites with malware or phishing.
  • SIM spoofing and cloning are stopped. Cloudflare’s SIM protects consumers from SIM-swapping, when someone copies a victim’s card and uses it to get two-step verification credentials or log into accounts. The business doesn’t disclose how they’ll do it, but they mention an eSIM-first strategy (though they’ll also sell physical SIMs) and anchoring SIM cards to individual handsets (so they won’t operate in other cellphones).
  • Use SIM as password. Each SIM may be attached to a device so they can both access corporate services. As they say, this can also be useful for IoT devices.

Easy-to-install added protection

Cloudflare’s system is straightforward to set up; employees need only scan a QR code. There’s no more. There’s nothing to install profiles or set up certain apps.

This proposal also protects all outgoing and incoming traffic when the device is connected to a mobile network. It doesn’t matter what kind of app or content it is. When the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it doesn’t get in the way. In those situations, you would need to find other answers.

Cloudflare doesn’t just want businesses to use their own SIM cards, though. It also tells operators that they should use this solution in their business products. That is, Telefónica could make a deal with Cloudflare so that the protections of this system can be used by the company’s business clients.

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Cloudflare SIM cards don’t protect customers from all kinds of threats. However, they do add a strong layer of security that should make attacks like phishing less likely.

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