CarPlay enables you to text while driving; avoid getting penalty


Drivers are often tempted to answer WhatsApp messages or other apps while driving. Well, CarPlay enables you to respond without touching the iPhone, and it also offers you other benefits that we’ll explain here.

Text without touching iPhone

One terrible habit many people have is using their phones behind the wheel. The most common use is to send or respond to messages on services like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Message.. The good news is that CarPlay provides a simple solution to this problem. It enables all users to read, compose, and respond to messages in any app.

Once a message arrives on your iPhone, it will transfer to the screen of your car, giving you the option to answer or ignore it. Siri is the sole means to send a message while driving; you can’t use your car’s touchscreen or iPhone.

Added perks of using CarPlay

Apple’s iOS adaptation, CarPlay, in compatible automobiles allows texting while driving. Not only are iOS 16 updates not yet live, but there are also tons of things you can do to improve your driving experience.. Some of the most recent examples are shown here.

Open mails and messages

Obviously, the automobile can read aloud the messages that arrive on your iPhone, and you can respond to them just as easily through the various messaging apps.

Play Music

Since all of your music is accessible from CarPlay, you can listen to your tunes while driving regardless of the app you use to play them. Siri may be used again to play a certain playlist or song.

Launch browser on your iOS device

It’s normal to purchase automobile navigation systems, but with CarPlay, you won’t need one if you have one of the many free GPS navigation apps available in the App Store, like Apple’s own Maps app, Google Maps, or one of the finest, Waze.

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Receive and dial calls

It’s easy to lose track of where you are going if you pull out your iPhone to check your messages, and the same is true if you pick it up to answer a call; luckily, CarPlay makes it possible to ignore your iPhone entirely and still respond to incoming calls. Similarly, you may make a phone call by touching the screen or asking Siri in your car.

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