Can You Use a PS5 Controller on a PS4?

Can You Use a PS5 Controller on a PS4

The PS4 is out for a few years now, and we’ve finally heard some rumors about the next-generation console i.e., the PS5. Sony has been pretty tight-lipped about the PS5, but it looks like it might be using a different system to control games.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not you can use a PS5 controller on a PS4, and what system the new console will use to control games. So, if you are a hardcore gamer or the one who likes spending his/her leisure time playing games on the PS4 console, then this blog post will surely capture your attention.

PS5 Controller (Dual Sense) vs PS4 Controller (Dual Shock 4)


The PS5 controller, or Dual Sense as it\’s officially called, has some new features that aren\’t available on the Dual Shock 4, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. It also has a built-in microphone and a USB-C port for charging. 

The haptic feedback creates a more realistic gaming experience by providing different vibrations for different in-game actions. For example, you might feel a slight vibration when firing a gun, or a heavier vibration when driving over rough terrain.

The adaptive triggers, on the other hand, allow you to customize the resistance of the triggers to better suit your gaming style. For instance, you can make the trigger harder to press if you want a more realistic shooting experience.

Besides, the PS5 controller also has a new \”create\” button that allows you to quickly make screenshots and videos, while the PS4 controller has a \”share\” button that permits you to share your gameplay with friends.

Finally, the PS5 controller can be charged wirelessly, whereas the PS4 controller needs to be plugged into the console to charge. 

These are some of the major differences between the two controllers. However, if you know more about them, then don\’t hesitate to share them with us, in the comments section below.

Answering the Question of Interest i.e., Can You Use a PS5 Controller on a PS4?

The answer to the question of interest is, unfortunately in simple words \”NO\”. You cannot use a PS5 controller on a PS4 console. One of the major reasons behind this is the compatibility issue. However, there are some workarounds that might allow you to use your PS5 controller on your PS4. One way is to use the app named \”Remote Play\”. We will be discussing this in detail in the next section.

Using PS5 Controller on PS4 Console via Remote Play


Follow the next mentioned steps in chronological order, to successfully use your Dual Sense controller on your PS4 console.

  1. First, open a web browser of your choice on your PC/Laptop.
  2. Next, go on and download \”PS Remote Play\” from this link.
  3. After that, strictly follow the instructions on your PC screen in order to connect your PS4 via the PS Remote Play application.
  4. Now, using a USB cable, attach your PS5 controller to your PC.
  5. Next, once connected successfully, proceed with joining it to the PS Remote Play.

Finally, with this, you can use your PS5 controller on your PS4 console via the Remote Play application running in the background.

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Using a PS5 controller on your PS4 will give you access to all the features and functions of the newer controller, including the improved design, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers. So if you’re looking to get the most out of your gaming experience, using a PS5 controller on your PS4 is definitely worth considering. Although you can do it, it\’s not recommended by gaming professionals.

Have you ever tried to use a PS5 controller on your PS4 console? Whether you are successful in doing it or not? Which method did you use to perform this task? Has our explained method worked for you? If you have done this before, share your experience with us in the comments section below.

You are also free to ask any questions or queries you have in your mind that are bothering you. We will appreciate it and try to answer them in the best possible manner. Overall, if you liked this blog post, give it a thumbs up. Also, share it with your friends, colleagues, family members, and loved ones. Thank you all in advance guys and stay blessed forever, brothers and sisters.

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