By Apple’s standards, the iPhone 6 and iPad Pro 1st gen are already antiques

The iPhone 6 and iPad Pro 1st gen are already antiques

When people think of something that is “vintage,” they often go back 20 years or more to remember an item or style that defined an era. A Walkman, a Polaroid camera, or a rotary phone are all examples of technology. What if we told you that for Apple, an iPhone 6 is already “old”?

The apple support page the iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and the iMac 5K, the 12-inch Retina MacBook are all old. Apple puts its older products into two groups: old (also called “vintage”) and obsolete. According to the company, a product is vintage if it hasn’t been sold for more than five years but less than seven.

By this definition, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, an Apple TV, or iPod touch from the 4th generation are all old. On the other hand, an iPhone, iMac, or Power Mac that looks like a cube are all out of date.

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The English word “vintage” normally refers to a high-quality wine from a given year. But fashion and design use it to designate cult objects. The 2012 Mac Pro and Captain America’s iPhone 6S have unusual looks, but they’re not ancient.

Why iPhone 6 and iPad Pro 1st gen are already antiques

What’s interesting is that Apple isn’t trying to make you think that its new products are cult. It just tells the user which old or out-of-date products can still be fixed after the warranty has run out.

Apple stops providing hardware service for products that are no longer up-to-date. The device is supported by operating system updates that are always being made. You also have access to a network of more than 5,000 Apple-certified repair points in case something goes wrong.

Even if your 2016 iPhone 6 or MacBook Pro isn’t ancient, check the list to see whether Apple can fix it. Since the Apple I or the first Macintosh came out, all the lines and devices that have come out since then are on the support site.

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