Bizum introduces free online sessions for elderly individuals

Bizum introduces free online sessions for elderly

The new goal of the platform is to help older people master Bizum through online courses. Several sessions will be held throughout these months.

One new way that banks do business is through online banking. Especially, in the time we live in, it is common to be able to make payments, send or receive money, manage any kind of account from a mobile phone. However, not everyone has gotten used to, say, sending a Bizum to pay off a debt.

It’s also true that most of the transactions that may be done on a cell phone are still done by elderly individuals. In fact, many may be unaware that they can pay using their phones. Indeed, Bizum has made an interesting announcement to try to solve this problem.

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Bizum has said that older people who want to learn everything they can about this platform will be able to take a series of free online classes. These classes have been planned because Bizum has a lot more people over 65 than it used to, these classes have been planned.

The first session of these online classes can now be watched at any time. Here is the link to get there. The second session, which continues this subject, took place on September 26 of this year and is currently unavailable. Same goes for the third session, conducted on October 6.

Bizum introduces online courses to teach mobile platform use and money management

There are still three sessions left, which will happen on October 24, November 8, and November 25. “Security in payments through Bizum: avoiding physical theft and online security” is the title of the first session. It will take place from 5 to 6 p.m, for an hour on October 24.

Next session: “Bizum in commercial settings: Did you know you can use it to pay in stores and online. It’ll be from noon to 1 p.m on November 8. Finally, on November 25 last session “Donations with Bizum: Donate with your mobile to the church and any Association or project” will take place.

To attend, you need a CanalSénior account, a computer, and Internet connectivity. These classes require some Internet knowledge, which sounds contradictory.

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