Apple will soon fix one of iOS 16 and iPhone 14’s most annoying glitches

Apple will soon fix one of iOS 16's most annoying glitches

The upcoming update will fix the clipboard bug and other iPhone 14 Pro and iOS 16’s glitches.

Apple will soon fix one of the most annoying bugs in iOS 16. For instance, the warning that shows up when a user paste something from the iPhone clipboard into a different app. The company told MacRumors that this privacy feature shouldn’t pop up all the time. But only the first time the user pastes something into a third-party app. The Wall Street Journal says the problem will be fixed in an update that will be available next week. Apple will also fix some bugs in the new iPhone 14 Pro.

The bug with the clipboard affects all iPhone models that can run iOS 16. This means the iPhone 8 and up. This can be seen when the user wants to copy text or an image in a third-party app, for example. By default, iOS 16 shows a message asking if we want to give the app permission to access the clipboard and paste the content.

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You can allow permission to paste from the clipboard or say no. In the second situation, iOS 16 will again inquire if the user wants to paste from the clipboard. But the system always shows the same warning, even after it has been given permission the first time.

Because of this, the next update will get rid of this prompt, and it will only appear the first time a user copies something from one app to another.

iOS 16 will fix iPhone 14 Pro glitches

Apple has also said that the next iOS 16 update will fix some of the new iPhone 14 Pro’s most common gliches. One of them made the terminal freeze when the data transfer from another iPhone was finished.

The problem with the iPhone’s back camera that happens when you use an app like Snapchat or TikTok will also be fixed. This problem in particular makes the iPhone vibrate, and it also makes the camera shake a little bit.

We’ll say it again: the next iOS 16 update will come out next week. It’s likely that under iOS 16.0.2. We don’t expect any new functions beyond fixing the bugs we’ve already talked about. However, the other small mistakes could be fixed.

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