Apple listens to users and adds this feature to iOS 16.1

Apple adds this feature to iOS 16.1

Apple, the Cupertino company put out the first beta of iOS 16.1 yesterday, and it has some really interesting news. One of them is something that has been missing since iOS 16 came out, so many users will definitely be happy about it. Keep reading, and you’ll find out everything this version has to offer.

Apple is a company that is always changing, and the number of versions and updates of the same operating system is proof of this. Apple released the first beta of iOS 16.1 yesterday. iOS 16 is already available to everyone with an iPhone that can run it.

iOS 16.1: What’s New?

In the past, Apple has always used the first major update to iOS to add both new visual and functional features. Version 16.1 is no different. In fact, we could say that it has even more features than usual, so users will be excited about this update. Here, we tell you what’s going on.

iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini: battery percentage

When Apple added the percentage of battery life to iOS 16, many devices with the new design couldn’t use this new feature. With iOS 16.1, however, they will be able to.

Live monitoring of activities

One of the best new things about iOS 16 and its locked screen was the ability to watch live what was going on. So, you’ll be able to do this with this new version.
Change the lock screen or the home screen. When you click “personalize” on the lock screen, you could only make changes to the locked screen until now. Now, you can also make changes to the home screen through this access.
change your home screen

Matter is coming to iOS 16.1

With this new update, you can already see the standard that Apple said would be used for HomeKit devices. This means that the standard is almost ready to be used.

Sustainable load

It’s no secret that Apple wants to help in the fight to protect the environment. This is already happening with the iPhone, since you can now choose when to charge your device so that it uses less energy and leaves less of a carbon footprint. This option can be turned on from the same menu as the optimized load, which is Settings > Battery > Battery health.

Remove Wallet app

With iOS 16.1, it will be easy for anyone to get rid of this app from their iPhone.

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These are the main new features of iOS 16.1. This is the first beta version, so users will have to wait a few weeks before they can use it on all iPhones that are compatible. We want to remind you that you shouldn’t install a beta on your main device, especially if you want to try out the new features in this version right away.

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