Android adds Fast Pair, Apple AirPods best feature

Android adds Fast Pair

Android has added a new feature that Fast Pair can help with. With it, your hearing aids will switch between devices automatically, just like AirPods.

If there’s one thing Apple has always done better than Google, it’s its ecosystem. This integration between devices not only lets you send files quickly between them, but also lets you do a lot more with the technology. In fact, one of the best things about AirPods is that they can automatically connect to the Apple device we are using. It’s that easy to switch from watching a Netflix show on the iPad to listening to our favourite album on the iPhone while going for a run. All of this was done without a single move. Would you like this to be available for Android? Well, it’s not too far away.

Google is now ready to add the same feature to Android. A post on the company’s official blog says that some headphones that support Fast Pair will be able to switch between devices on their own. How does Fast Pair work? Well, it’s a standard that Google put out in 2017 to make it easier to pair Android devices with Bluetooth devices. Now, though, they will step it up a notch.

Which headsets will be helped by Fast Pair’s automatic switching between devices? Up until now, we knew that one of them would be the Google Pixel Buds Pro, but we didn’t know that it would also reach headphones from Sony and JBL.

Automatic device swapping on Android using Fast Pair

Google wants to finally give its connections a bit more intelligence. So, we’ll have hearing aids that can automatically switch between Android devices. But that’s not all. Fast Pair can also tell the difference between how important notifications are in order to change equipment.

Google gives an example of this: “If you are watching a video on your tablet and you get a message on your phone, the sound from your headphones won’t switch to the sound from your phone. But if you get a phone call, the sound coming out of your headphones will also change.”


You can also make your own configuration if you don’t like Google’s. Mountain View wants to add all kinds of options so that users can change their experience and decide which notifications or devices are most important to them.

Fast Pair uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to Bluetooth devices that are close by. The best part is that if you use this technology, your battery won’t drain too quickly.

This same proposal lets Google set up its Nearby Share features, which are essentially Android’s version of AirDrop. You can sync text messages and transfer files between your Android device and your Chromebook or Windows computer.

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Fast Pair makes it easy to set up and pair devices right away. It brings up the companion app so it can be installed and Google credentials can be transferred. We’re still working with our partners to add TVs and smart home devices to Fast Pair, so you can start using all of your devices right away. This is in addition to audio connectivity with wearables, headphones, speakers, and cars.”

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