Analysis of FIFA 23; the previous version wasn’t easy till EA Sports FC


With the advent of fall, the new FIFA 23 is also here. Football season has started on real and virtual turf. We have donned our team’s boots, ankle guards, and shirt. What does EA Sports have to do with its new Star Sports game? What is FIFA 23, a procedure, or a category of FIFA?

The FIFA on duty analysis always bothers me. The intensity with which editors are assaulted for offering their opinion each season and demonstrating the shortcomings and merits of Electronic Arts’s product causes many headaches. Why? We have folks who criticise FIFA without playing it and others who criticise it after playing 200 to 400 hours. Looking at Monday’s preview, I don’t anticipate today to be any different, although FIFA 23 is far from a lousy video game and a horrible product.

What’s new in FIFA? What makes FIFA 23 a fitting end to the series’ 16-bit era?

We have mentioned my worry in the first impressions regarding FIFA consoles running half-speed. FIFA 23 isn’t one of the series’ best games, but it’s exceeded my expectations ahead of next year’s name change. There’s optimism that EA Sports FC will debut in 2024. However, this hasn’t stopped the company from doing what it must: releasing a new chapter during the height of the game’s popularity.

After playing FIFA 23 for hours, I can confirm that the pace is faster than in FIFA 22. Hypermotion 2 may not have brought all the graphic upgrades you’d hoped for with such a dramatic moniker, but it has added more unpredictability on the pitch, making matches appear more genuine. Accelerate is another innovative function that should be used in future games. First-day tactical blunders were unfortunate, but they can be corrected quickly.

FIFA 23 analysis

New Career Mode elements and the challenge of becoming a global star are also notable. You know the drill: start from the bottom, complete the 11 goals, and live life. Upgrades have benefits that enhance your player’s typology. I think the Manager field has been well-done, with fascinating new features that build on past work. The interviews, which grab attention at first but become dull and hollow as the weeks pass, need to be improved.

Comparing the FIFA series to NBA 2K

Lights outnumber shadows. The comparison of the FIFA storyline to NBA 2K in translating actual soccer players to their virtual namesakes is unfair: the soccer simulator has many more leagues, teams, and players than the king of virtual basketball. EA Sports can’t match Visual Concepts’ greatness in so many areas. Exceptional job with top league footballers. We have all the Spanish league stadiums save Camp Nou, and while the existence of more humble grounds is welcomed, the contrasts between the great and simple fields are clear.

It’s not perfect, but I’m happy to see a big improvement in the damage players do to the grass during the game. New animations were added to the software, but I didn’t see them live. Given FIFA’s loudness in Spain, the Spanish version needs greater sound. The selection of musical themes is on par with the great saga editions, and the work on the green, including fan songs, was done with success and an eye for each fan’s tastes.

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I’ve been satisfied with FIFA 23 thus far. EA’s challenge reminds me of FIFA’s dispersion. EA Sports always disappoints someone since they have so many fronts and components to target. It’s his punishment and blessing. There’s football for everyone in the new EA Sports game, and that’s always wonderful news, even if it’s the last time it’s named what it is. EA Sports FC trumps FIFA.

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