Just like TikTok, Amazon hopes to mimic the popularity of video-sharing platforms.

Amazon mimics TikTok

A new report says that Amazon is making changes to its mobile app’s interface. The most important change would be a style that was inspired in part by TikTok, which is the most popular social network right now.

TikTok is all the rage right now. Because of this, big social networks like Instagram are doing everything they can to be more like the Asian app. However, Instagram is not the only social network that could go in this direction. Even some of the most popular stores in the world have started changing their apps to be more like TikTok. Amazon would be the next place to try.

TechCrunch agrees with what the artificial intelligence platform Watchful found. This makes sure that Amazon is testing a new feature in its mobile app that looks as much as possible like TikTok’s vertical interface to sell its products and services.

They also say that this Amazon innovation is already being tried out by the people who work there. Users will be able to see products on a full screen that looks like TikTok by pressing a button.

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Of course, you won’t have to use it. This new feature would only be available in a certain area, so you can just ignore it. It’s worth noting that this is not the first time that Amazon has been influenced by a popular social network. Some time ago, they added a feature called “Posts,” which looked a lot like Instagram.

Amazon mimics TikTok

Why would Amazon copy TikTok?

Even though it seems strange that a company that has nothing to do with TikTok would do this, it’s not that wrong. After all, some of the most popular things to talk about on TikTok are Amazon recommendations.

So, it makes sense that the company wants to put this same recipe right in its store. So, they can offer the same thing without having to go through the affiliate links that are all over these TikTok videos.

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Will they be as successful as the TikToks that only talk about Amazon products? Even though we can’t see into the future, it’s very likely not. Not just because it will be seen as less real than TikTok videos, but also because the two platforms are used for completely different things. In fact, it’s just another way to get on the hottest bandwagon, and it looks like Amazon has already figured out what to do.

But keep in mind that this is just a test for people inside the company. The report says that the function is only used by people inside the company. So, it’s not certain that it will be made available to all other users of the platform on a large scale.

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