Amazon Astro robot detects pets and protects businesses

Amazon Astro robot detects pets and protects businesses

After its first appearance in 2021, the Amazon Astro robot is back with the promise of a number of new features. From security features for small and medium-sized businesses to features that can recognize pets.

One of the first things Amazon showed off at its 2021 hardware event was the Astro smart robot. At the time, the device was advertised as a kind of home companion that could connect to Alexa. However, it had trouble right away. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the American company has tried to improve it this year.

Amazon has said a few things about Astro in the last few hours. The focus has been on specific optimizations, and developers have been given the chance to make tools for this strange device.

Amazon’s Astro security option provides SMBs extra protection. When coupled with Ring security equipment and services, the smart robot can respond to corporate alarms.

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If an intruder is found, the people in charge of watching what’s going on through cameras can decide what to do. You could talk to them through the device or call the police to come to the scene to try to stop them. Later, it will let you know about the fact on your phone and send you a picture of the person. On paper, it seems like an interesting and useful function, but we don’t yet know how it will work in real life.

Amazon Astro robot cares for pets

You can now keep an eye on your pets while you’re away from home, which is another cool thing about Amazon Astro. It’s a simple task that many people will find more realistic as a way to use this smart robot. The company says that the device can recognise dogs and cats and follow them if it finds them while they are on patrol.

If Amazon Astro spots your pet throughout the trip, it will send you a brief video. You may converse to them using Live View or capture their photo to store on your phone.

Andy Jassy’s business improved its smart robot’s home mapping. Add a new room to the Astro tour without remapping the whole house. The device will also use artificial intelligence to learn how to spot anything out of the ordinary in the home. So, if you forget to open a door or window, for example, it will let you know.

Amazon will also release a new software development kit for Astro. The corporation is testing an early version of the SDK, thus its release date is unknown. He wants robotics students at Michigan, Maryland, and Georgia Tech to “play” with it.

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