AirPods Pro: Worth the money?

AirPods Pro: Worth the money?

A server initially tested Apple’s AirPods Pro two years ago. I had worries about these headphones’ sound quality, noise cancellation, and fit in my ear. Now, after using them extensively, I dare to share my experience, highlighting their strengths and warning of their weaknesses or areas to improve in future assessments.

It’s no news that the new iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 will be unveiled at the Keynote next Wednesday. Mark Gurman has expressed hope that Apple would unveil AirPods Pro 2, which delights Apple fans.

Are they comfortable and ergonomic?

Not the most unique headphones on the market, but they have significant quirks, especially when compared to another type of Apple AirPods. Therefore, we think it’s vital to discuss its usability. This is based on my personal experience and the feedback of other people I’ve met over the years.

AirPods Pro hold, do they slip out?

I was skeptical when Apple announced the AirPods Pro. Not for quality or money. I spotted a product I wasn’t supposed to because of its design, which was ergonomic. I’d tried a couple in-ear headphone designs before, but none of their pads fit my ear. Used to AirPods and EarPods, they were unpleasant since I thought I’d feel pressure in my ear.

After seeing, hearing, and reading excellent reviews during the initial days on sale, I decided to give them a shot. The Apple Store let me test them before buying. I had barely worn them for 5 seconds before asking for a box to take them home. Unfortunately, the store was out of stock, but I didn’t mind traveling a few kilometers to another store with some remained.

After months of use, my two preconceived views become positives. The pads fit my ear perfectly, however it may not be true for everyone; try it before buying. If you can’t try them in the shop, you can return them within 14 days if they’re undamaged. The ear pressure impact also vanished. Three sizes of cushions might improve the support. My right ear hole is size M and my left is size S.

AirPods Pro

In the beginning, I felt like they may slip out of my ear at any minute, but it was simply a sense. She jumped, turned her head, and nothing happened. AirPods stayed in my ears. Once I got acclimated to them and put on the first-generation AirPods, I found they slid off. It was a thrill, but for me it was confirmation that you should give ‘Pro’ a try despite its strangeness.

Specifications for Sports?

I’m a freak for playing sports without music. For these activities, I don’t use AirPods Pro or other headphones. Many folks I’ve met do. Although there are outliers, I’ve generally heard excellent things about this part.

The AirPods Pro accommodate abrupt movements. These headphones can handle running on unsteady ground and using gym machines. Each person’s situation is unique. If they fall out of your ears normally, they probably will during this exercise.

Try before you buy

Given the headphones’ specifics, an Apple Store may let you test them on if you ask. Before the COVID-19 epidemic, everything was easy, but today health difficulties may prevent you from taking the exam. Apple lets you trial their products for 14 days after purchase.

In many other retailers, such as Amazon, they give a similar return time; in this case, you have up to 30 days to try your headphones and see whether they’re comfortable or fit your demands, but we recommend consulting it first. Return them in their original packaging with all attachments. Plastic wrapping the box is unnecessary because it’s hard to put back on.

AirPods Pro sound aspect

Then I’ll discuss the most significant aspect of these headphones, the audio, which provides three sound modes: noise cancellation, ambient sound, and the classic option that disables the other two.

Overall good sound

The headphones fit fine, but it was time to see if they were as good as advertised or if we needed more. I’m no expert in sound, but after trying a few brands, I can tell that Apple meets its claims. These AirPods Pro sound better than the first and second generation AirPods. These headphones are also compatible with two Apple Music listening modes. First, spatial audio helps the consumer feel like they’re in space. It involves music entering one earbud and then another depending on how you move and the song, comparable to 3D sound. The second is the ability to play songs on Apple Music without loss , that is, with a higher quality that will make the experience of enjoying your favorite music much more pleasurable.

Modalities add nuance. Noise cancellation, cancellation off, and ambient mode (first called transparency mode). With everything deactivated, the similarities with prior generations are most evident, but by design it separates you a little more, albeit not enough to be deemed noise cancellation. I use it most since I don’t require noise cancellation in quiet settings.

Ambient mode

Ambient mode, originally termed “Transparency,” was my favorite. It lets you hear what’s around you while listening to music or audio. In a manner, it’s for persons with hearing issues because it boosts ambient noises, but only with a good sound reproduction. Ambient mode is also useful for folks who work in offices and want to listen to music while performing their daily activities but also want to be aware if a colleague needs their help; they won’t have to remove their earbuds to hear them with ambient mode.

Street is also suggested. Noise cancellation, which I’ll discuss later, doesn’t eliminate all outdoor sounds, but it can diminish them enough that we don’t hear a car approaching when crossing the street. Recording a podcast and hearing my voice is a great feature. Ideal in these jobs is to have wired headphones and listen to the live voice return. Although this feature is not focused on it, it allows me to hear my voice when I talk without losing my colleagues’ hearing.

In conclusion, it’s a feature that most people don’t notice at first, but as they test it and use it daily, it becomes important due to its superb working and because it makes using headphones more comfortable.

Noise cancellation?

Noise cancellation is the review’s weakest point. It appeared excellent, but not the best, to me. There are earbuds that physically exclude more noise and produce a better sound, but the AirPods Pro are the greatest in-ear headphones.

If you frequently fly or stay in noisy areas, I’d recommend alternative brands of earmuff headphones. If you’re like me and work in an office and take public transportation, the AirPods Pro will be incredibly beneficial. They’re perfect for sports because they’re water- and dust-resistant, so perspiration won’t harm them.

Noise cancellation doesn’t isolate you in a bubble, but it decreases outside sound and lets you listen to music easily. This setting will help you focus while watching a video. When you remove noise canceling, it’s startling how much noise you hear. The first time you use this mode, you notice a slight pressure in your ear, but it’s not worrying and you get used to it.

AirPods Pro autonomy?

This topic is short, so I’ll be brief. According to Apple, headphones with active noise suppression last up to 5 hours. All this depends on not removing the headphones and charging them in the case, which would increase autonomy.

My experience is better than Apple’s specs. When I tested the battery, I ran out before the AirPods Pro. I listened to a podcast, music, and TV with them on. 5 1/2 hours total. The battery should have gone out or triggered a low battery alarm. I was weary and it was night, so I stopped the test and was shocked to see the battery at 35%.

Apple nor I can guarantee this autonomy over time, given battery wear. I’m happy that the initial autonomy is so good since it means the car will continue have good autonomy after the battery wears out.

AirPods Pro 2 Pricing

And we come to Apple’s most problematic issue. Even for wealthy people, €279 is a lot for headphones. It moves a bit, but that’s a crucial issue to consider before buying.

I’ve benefited since I wear headphones often. As with the first-generation AirPods, I deemed them amortized after a week. Here comes individual perspective. If you require headphones for infrequent usage or quiet settings, AirPods 2 or cheaper headphones may be better. If you want noise canceling as advertised and will use them often, I suggest them.

As I indicated, the price is relevant to each person’s use, money, and spending goals. Despite the fact that the price is usually close to €279, there are instances when we may uncover excellent deals on AirPods Pro.

Worth it?

Now you know I haven’t criticized the AirPods Pro. I haven’t noticed a serious flaw, otherwise I’d return them. Previous AirPods had inadequate noise-canceling, quick battery consumption, and a terrible microphone. This ‘Pro’ generation fixes almost all of these issues. What hasn’t been fixed is the microphone’s low quality, which is acceptable given its function and design, but it’s a disadvantage. Also, while this is not from my experience, not everyone likes noise cancellation. It’s relative.

AirPods Pro

SoundActive Noise Cancellation, Ambient Sound Mode, Adaptive EQ, Slot System Pressure Compensation, High Excursion Driver and Custom High Dynamic Range Amplifier
Noise CancellationYes
Water and dust resistanceYes (IPX64)
DimensionsHeadphones: 3.09 x 2.18 x 2.4cm Case: 4.52 x 6.06 x 2.17cm
WeightHeadphones: 5.4g Case: 4.56g
Box contentsAirPods Pro, Charging Case, Three Eartip Sizes, Lightning to USB-C Cable, and Documentation
OthersCompatible with Android, Windows and other operating systems not owned by Apple
launch_dateOctober 30, 2019

The best

  • ambient mode
  • Autonomy


  • Design not suitable for all ears
  • Microphone


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