AI can generate pornography, but it has the same issues as the industry

AI pornography

They have made AI that can generate pornography videos. What will happen to the future of that industry because of this? Will it keep repeating the same social patterns that have already been seen and rejected?

When an idea does well on the internet, there is a very good chance that an adult version of it exists. AIs like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney are no different, and a recent report from TechCrunch shows that there is already a website that uses an AI tool to make pornographic content. What could happen if it did?

Artificial intelligences that can copy any text you write have already reached a level of “skill” that is very impressive. In fact, one of them has helped a designer win first place in an art contest, but not without causing some trouble. Most of the time, the images these AIs make are very off. However, you shouldn’t expect anything new in the porn industry.

Comments from the same source say that 4chan and Reddit were the first places to show how AI could be used to make pornographic content. It happened because a member of the former group gave out the open source code for Stable Diffusion, which is another AI that can make images from text. Users didn’t waste any time and went right to work making pornographic content.

AI has boundless potential yet currently replicates old models

3D drawing of a robot hand touching a human hand against a dark background
The website in question is called Porn Pen, and it lets you do things that were unimaginable before. From there, you can change the models in the content to fit your needs. From what kind of people they are to where they will live. You can even change the camera’s point of view, so you can take a selfie in the mirror or a more professional picture.

AI pornography

So far, all of the models have been women. In fact, Os Keyes, a Ph.D. candidate at Seattle University, told TechCrunch how disappointing it is that “both options replicate a very masculine, heteronormative gaze.” This means that even though artificial intelligence porn has endless possibilities, it is still limited to making women into objects for men to enjoy.

Os Keyes also said that he thought this was “something that would happen no matter what, ever since DALL-E came along.”

Of course, models are not people at all. Under messages like “This person does not exist,” the web hides. We’ve seen this technology before, and it can make almost any human face, even if it doesn’t always look like the most natural thing in the world.

On Y Combinator Hacker News, a user says that he or she made Porn Pen. He says that he has changed several parts of the code to get rid of images that might be offensive to some people. “I disabled the possibility to designate via custom wording to avoid possibly dangerous images,” he says.

What’s the porn industry’s future?

Abyss Creations has made sex robots that have artificial intelligence.
Like music, graphic art, and video games, pornography is one of the world’s biggest and most popular industries. So, although some artists worry about their professions when DALL-E and Midjourney are redefining standard. Actors and actresses have already started to worry about their employment. Because porn is so easy to generate and may seem like the viewer.

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But Ashley, who works in the sex industry and asked TechCrunch not to use her last name, thinks that Porn Pen is not a threat to the sex industry. Or at least the way it is now.

He says, “There is an infinite amount of content out there.” He also says, “People distinguish themselves not by making the best content, but by making it accessible and interesting. Artificial intelligence won’t be able to do that for a long time.”

She is right, of course. Just like any other kind of media, people may like Porn Pen. But things probably won’t change much for the average person in the way things are right now. In the future, though, we will have to keep an eye on how it grows and how the intellectual property black hole that AI creates will be fixed.

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