Adobe content production news at IBC 2022

Adobe IBC

We were given a sneak peek at some of the announcements Adobe will  make at IBC 2022. We will fill you in on the details. 

Adobe will exhibit at the IBC 2022 trade event in Amsterdam. Adobe will present some of its latest industry-standard app developments; the sector uses a variety of technologies.

They announced their plans for IBC 2022. Those in California have triangulated their efforts thus far on three primary areas. First, there’s a cloud-based service designed to make it easier for people who are committed to making movies using virtual sets to work together.

The latest iterations of Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects are designed to streamline workflows in teams. Lastly, there are new Adobe Camera to Cloud interfaces that let you “film and edit at the same time.” This shows how much the company values teamwork in today’s creative industries.

“Adobe’s Premiere Pro,, and Camera to Cloud “connect the entire video creation process. That is from frame capture to final delivery, enabling users to collaborate in new ways,” said Scott Belsk.

Adobe prioritizes collaboration at IBC 2022

Adobe proposes to shift virtual production to the cloud, using NearTime, a cloud rendering solution for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, to save time and money on content development. It allows consumers to enjoy high-quality VFX images for on-set assessment without real-time costs.

Adobe IBC 2022

Adobe Premiere Pro’s title creation seems easier due to:

  • “quick access to editing elements and layers,”
  • “new fill choices to add textures and visuals,”
  • and “new export options for sharing the text with the team.”

Meanwhile, Adobe After Effects will be updated with keyframe color tags, customizable track matte layers, and quick outputs using native H.264 encoding. The latter take advantage of hardware acceleration, allowing H.264 files to be rendered within the program.

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Last but not least, Camera to Cloud supports a wider variety of gadgets. Now, more cameras and production tools than ever before may take advantage of Camera to Cloud with to new integrations with the Atomos Zato Connect, Teradek Serv Micro transmitter, and Teradek Prism Flex encoder/decoder.

Adobe plans to demonstrate all of these capabilities at their stand in the aforementioned expo from September 9th through the 12th.

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