343 Industries has left ‘Halo Infinite’ stranded

343 Industries has left 'Halo Infinite' stranded

Every new thing about ‘Halo Infinite‘ is a disappointment. Its local cooperative mode and third season were scrapped.

Halo Infinite is a huge let down. 343 Industries has not been able to reach its extra content release plan over a year after Halo 4’s release. I mean co-op and Forge. Without forgetting that the multiplayer version has seen little upgrades. Today, 343 Industries announced November co-op. Local has been cancelled, thus it will only be online. Many people intended to play Halo Infinite’s campaign via split screen with a friend.

Despite promising to distribute it, the studio will simply forget about it. They said the cancellation is needed to “enhance and expedite the continuous development of the game as a service” It makes no sense for Microsoft’s studio with the greatest employees and resources to make such justifications.

It gets worse. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has two seasons in nine months. Third is postponed until March 2023. The second will last 10 months, unheard of for a “game as a service.” 343 will release two maps in November to fill the content deficit.

Inexcusable for a “game as a service” Especially considering the lack of substance in past seasons. Updates typically include problems or adjustments that ruin the experience. Multiplayer not completed from the start, and it’s still not what the community wants.

Multiplayer was Halo’s strong suit, keeping it relevant years after the release. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is more fun online nowadays. This collection of games continues to have a big user base, despite Halo Infinite failure…

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Halo: Infinite was ruined by a pointless study

343 Industries has always said the same thing to explain why it does what it does. They needed more time to create content, and now they’ve decided to cancel it so they can work on other goals. The real issue is not that they don’t have enough time or money, but that they don’t know how to use what they do have. And that’s been made clear by the fact that the studio has had bad management for years, as shown in a number of reports. Halo Infinite’s production had to be fixed by the Gears of War team, The Coalition.

Halo Infinite shows that 343 Industries doesn’t have good leadership, which is a shame. The game didn’t meet its goal of becoming a standard for games as a service. Since it came out almost a year ago, it hasn’t been on the list of the 10 most popular Xbox games very often.

The Halo brand was already big enough that they could have at least tried to compete with big names like Call of Duty or Fortnite, but they missed the chance. Microsoft’s biggest worry right now shouldn’t be about whether or not Halo Infinite will be able to get back on its feet. Instead, it should be about whether or not the Halo series can afford to keep getting worse while being run by 343 Industries. Without a doubt, the studio did a great job of making the game last longer than just its campaign.

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